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Find Out the Benefits of Using HBL Internet Banking

HBL Internet Banking is the virtual platform intended for customers of HBL Bank.

This is one of Pakistan’s largest banks. The Habib Bank Limited is the largest multinational bank in Pakistan.

HBL was founded in 1941 and became the first commercial bank.

10 years later, in 1951, he opened the first international branch in Sri Lanka, in Colombo.

After a few more years of operation, the bank moved its headquarters to Habib Bank Plaza in 1972.

This building built to host the bank became the tallest building in the South Asia region at the time.

The Pakistani government nationalized the bank in 1974 and only in 2003 it was privatized, at that time the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development acquired a controlling share.

Nowadays, HBL has more than 1750 branches distributed in more than 25 countries worldwide.

The bank was ranked the top Pakistani company in the Forbes Global 2000.

HBL appointed senior banker, Muhammad Aurangzeb, in February 2018 (formerly CEO Global Corporate Bank – Asia Pacific at JP Morgan) as its President & CEO following early retirement of Nauman K. Dar.

To accompany the computerization process, a few years ago the bank offers the HBL online banking, a modern platform where customers can access and move their bank accounts over the Internet.

Through HBL mobile Banking, you can transfer funds, balance inquiry HBL, statements and limits by your mobile phone, tablet or computer!

To help you understand how HBL net banking works, we have prepared a guide.

Check below all you need to know about it:

How HBL Internet Banking Works

How HBL Internet Banking Works

An internet banking is nothing more than a website where customers of a certain bank access their accounts without needing to leave the house.

The HBL internet banking works as follows:

  • You need to enable your Access data to be able to login to online banking.
  • The license is made on the website itself based on your personal data and debit or credit card number!
  • When you access the system, you get a huge variety of online services available!

Bank balance consultation, last-days statement, credit consultation, loans, credit card information and transactions such as payments and transfers of funds are just a few services to which consumers have access!

Benefits of Using HBL Internet Banking

Having access to HBL internet banking represents many advantages!

In addition to the convenience and agility when accessing your account, you have available all types of banking services in a virtual way.

Being able to access your bank account without having to leave the house represents a huge breakthrough in terms of banking technology.

If formerly to perform a simple transfers you needed to address an ATM, wasting time with traffic and queues, nowadays you can do in a few seconds, on the screen of your phone or computer!

This innovative way of accessing and consuming banking services has spread throughout the world.

Nowadays, all major and important banks offer this modality of service that facilitates the lives of customers and the attendants.

This is a way to streamline and optimize people’s time and prevent banking agencies from getting crowded and with slow calls!

HBL Mobile App

In addition to the HBL Internet Banking that can be accessed by your browser, you can also use the app!

Through the HBL Mobile banking app, you have access to the same services that exist on the Internet.

However, through the app you can access your account on the street, on the road, on tours, at work or at home.

In a few touches, you can perform any transaction by HBL phone banking.

To be able to access the app, simply enable your mobile phone and use the same Access data you use to access the net banking.

HBL Helpline Number

HBL Bank provides a customer service channel that wishes to contact you to address matters of any nature.

The number + 92 21 111 111 425 is available to customers and not customers to ask questions, request information or to solve any kind of problem!